Youth Sunday: Illuminate

May 6th is Youth Sunday! Our youth conscientiously chose songs for their inspiring lyrics and wrote prayers to reflect what ails their hearts.  Their ardent words of reflection are calls to action.  And of course, these teenagers are talented singers and musicians.   Stephen O’Bent arranged the music to accommodate a wide variety of instruments: saxophone, clarinet, bassoon, guitar, cello, trombone, flute and piano!!  And the postlude brings a debut performance on the organ!


This Sunday’s liturgy invites each of us to reflect on how we can be a beacon of light in a world so fractured by violence and fear.   Our youth explain what prompted this year’s theme, “Illuminate:”

“With everything going on in our country at the moment, we want to focus on the positive. Enough is enough.  We spend far too much time being afraid.  We spend far too much time worrying.  We have spent far too much time hiding under our desks, wondering if this will be the last text message we send to our parents.  We have spent far too much time unable to have our voices heard.   Inspired by the witness of the students of Parkland, Florida and the March For Our Lives movement, we too are overwhelmed by the violence in our country, communities and our schools.  Today we accentuate the positive and look for the silver linings despite the darkness.”   


We shine God’s light into the world in compassion for all, in justice for the poor, in welcome for the stranger.  So, come let us bring the joys and hardships of life to worship and celebrate that God’s light is already with us and within us.  See you Sunday!

Peace, the Youth and Pastor Cristina

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