Silence and Song

Advent starts this week, and this year we are looking at Silence and Song, finding the place of stillness where we can hear songs of hope.

I have been thinking of this week as we prepare for a busy weekend at our church, which holds both grief and hope near at hand. Saturday, we will hold a memorial for Judy Bordeaux in the morning and an AIDS vigil in the afternoon. On Sunday morning we start off with Advent with worship, and then followed by speakers that can share how congregations can walk alongside immigrant communities

I have been holding these things in my heart this week, as we have been moving between preparations for joyful anticipation and for holding a space for grief. It is one of the gifts of the Christian faith that we have complex emotions built into our theological roots. Our hope does not come in distance from the sufferings of the world, but in the midst of them. Christ was born into such a world as this. In the midst of all of the joys and sorrows, God came near.

And so it is I am profoundly awed and grateful for the ways that you all are present in love. Thank you to all who are sharing the gift of their time and love this weekend. May God be with us in these intersecting stories of love, solidarity and hope.



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