Rise Up

“With our theme Rise Up, we want you to do exactly what our overall message declares: Rise up, instead of falling down. Rise up and offer a helping hand to those around you and accompany them through difficult times. Rise up in times of defeat. Rise up and defend the truth. Rise up and spread awareness.”  -Susanna, age 16

I am so very proud of our youth and their willingness to rise up and work for justice. They want to discuss challenging issues and use their voices to continue conversations. Our teenagers are indeed talented. They can sing and dance; they are gifted musicians and artists, as well as articulate, passionate writers, and eloquent speakers. What I find the most remarkable about our teenagers is that they are solicitous. They are considerate, empathetic, and conscientious citizens.
The youth meticulously crafted their own prayers from carefully chosen song lyrics. They are growing in awareness that God can found in every one, in every place and in everything (a practice of Jesuit spirituality called “finding God in all things”).

The closing benediction came from a song by hip hop artist, Macklemore: “We leave you with one critical question to ponder as you part. In this society, what are you willing to risk? What are you willing to sacrifice for a more just society?”

See you this Sunday (and don’t forget there is also a congregational meeting after worship)!


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