Before Ash Wednesday and the reflective season of Lent, there comes my favorite Tuesday of the year:  Mardi Gras.  This is no ordinary Tuesday!  Growing up, we didn’t have a carnival parade or elaborate feathered masks but we did have heaping stacks of pancakes for supper.  “Pancake Tuesday” was a day for over-consumption of carbohydrates and high-fructose-corn-syrup before the six weeks of sugar-deprived Lent.    It was also a time to gather around the table and name who we would be praying for each of the 40 days.   It allowed us to acknowledge we had food-family-and-friends in abundance yet that there were many who lived in scarcity.  This family tradition created a sacred moment, a ritual, in our normal, busy family and in our normal, busy home.  In Faith Formation we can teach and instruct and inform.  Yet, more often than not, what the kids remember are the tangible, in-the-flesh, sticky-fingers actions that move God out of our heads and into our hands.

This Sunday all are invited upstairs to the Education Suite (aka the Children’s Chapel) at 8:30am for a bite of pancakes, sticky-fingers and sacred chaos.  Come add to our prayer wall the names of the people who we can pray for during the upcoming season of Lent.   Lent, a season that is all about discerning what it is that we cling to, and what we need to practice letting go of in order for Christ to become more clear in us.   But Lent will come around soon enough—a few more days of celebration are in order before the reflection period begins.

Also! A HUGE THANK YOU for your generous donations and lively presence at the Dessert Auction.  The funds raised, over $5000, help to support the Youth Service-learning mission trips this summer to Honolulu and downtown Seattle!  Thank you! thank you!

Cheers, Cristina

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