Everything you ever wanted to know about the Congregational Care Commission

 The Congregational Care Commission is the church’s largest commission and we’ve been around for a long time.  We used to be known as The Deaconesses, and we became a commission with our own budget in 2006.  Some of our members have served for over 20 years!

The Congregational Care Commission provides support to people in the church in a variety of ways. Each week, our card-writing team sends cards to those who are ill or have lost a loved one. We also send cards to celebrate joyful events! Our memorial team organizes, hosts, and bakes cookies for memorials held at the church.   Our prayer shawl group knits beautiful prayer shawls that our Parish Visitor and clergy can gift to those who are ill or who otherwise need to be wrapped in the warm embrace of the church (literally and figuratively).  Congregational Care finances hearing-assist devices for those who need them during church services.  We organize meals for families who are experiencing health or housing difficulties, and we strive to provide comfort, assistance, and companionship to members of our church family in any way we can.

You may have noticed that we like to throw parties, too!  Each year we support a Valentine’s Day luncheon for church folk who are 75 and older (and there are a lot of you!). We also host a “Celebrate Our 90s” event each year after church where everyone eats cake and celebrates our members who are 90 and over (again, there are a lot of you!).

So that’s what we DO. But we love our Commission because of how it FEELS to be a member. We turn activities we enjoy (cooking, knitting, writing, socializing) into tangible love and support for our church community.  I can personally attest to the power of this. When my daughter, Katie, had surgery on her vocal chords several years ago, Parish Visitor, Brenda, came by and brought Katie a prayer shawl.  At the visit, Katie and Brenda played cards in silence because Katie wasn’t able to talk (and I know it was an effort for both of them because they do like to chat)! Every time I see the shawl, which sits in a special place on Katie’s bed, I feel cherished and fortified by this caring community.

The Congregational Care Commission looks forward to working with the new Pastor of Outreach and Congregational Care once she/he is called.  And we would love to have some new commission members.  Yes, men can join, too, and we would welcome you! If you are interested in finding out more about the Congregational Care Commission, please contact me.

Jacqui Becker, Chair, Congregational Care Commission

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