Discovery Choir

All children from Kindergarten through Grade 5 are invited to sing in the Discovery Choir beginning Sunday, September 8. The goals of Discovery Choir are to have fun singing together, to learn to sing many styles of music, and to share our songs monthly with the rest of the congregation. (However, some children are shy about singing in front of a few hundred people—naturally!—and so we also welcome singers who only want to come sing in rehearsal on Sunday mornings.) A wonderful feature of the choir program is our chime ensemble/music class led by organist Laura Ouimette. For twenty minutes every Sunday Laura will provide instruction in bell playing and music theory, and the chime choir will play in church from time to time.  We hope you will consider sitting in on a few rehearsals to see what we do.  Discovery Choir will meet in the Bell Room Sundays from 8:50am — 9:15am, then move upstairs to the Education Wing/Room F (upstairs, far back right) to sing until 9:45am.

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