CCS Family Shelter

For the month of August, we are hosting Catholic Community Services’ Emergency Family Shelter in the Atrium. This low-barrier shelter serves families with children under age 18, and averages about 30 people per night. If you would like to help out, the best way is to sign up to provide a meal.

The sign-up is online at

Please note that there are two different shelters on the sign-up list. You are welcome to sign up for either, but if you want to be sure to bring a meal here to First Congregational, look for the lines labeled “A Meal” with “Family Shelter located at Bellevue First Congregational Church” under it when you click the drop-down arrow:


Please include a vegetarian option in your meal, and plan to bring it to the church at 8pm on the day you sign up.

Not sure where to start? Here is a great list of possible meals, and here is a sample shopping list for cooking for 30 people.


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