Last fall, the Stewardship Committee gave out daffodil and tulip bulbs, to symbolize our gifts to the church that bloom with time. Folks from the church were invited to plant them at home, or here in some of our beds at the church. And now it is exciting to see the things that were planted coming into a time of bloom.

I can see them out my office window and they always make me smile. Flowers, and my favorites tulips, give me a sense that we really are here in spring even in the midst of an April that can be dreary. Color can exist, no matter how gray the sky can be. For behold, right there that bold burst of yellow, that commitment of red, the brightness of pink, no matter how many clouds I may see on the long term forecast.
I think too of what gives me hope in the midst of the world, and so often I think of stories from this church.

Here’s a few little moments of joy from my week:
This Sunday I was helped by Dana Gaddy with the communion trays. You may not know that Dana is the organizer behind the communion bread-bakers and tray-fillers. And this week she graciously helped as we were trying to find the best way to arrange the trays along with Easter lilies on the table. It is because of her work (and the other bread bakers and preparers: Erik Strommen, Sue Bordenet, Sally Gray, Vickie Jones, Rayma Norton, and Lynn Griesel) that we are able to share in this sacred feast together.

This week in the building, we had a bit of a drone in the long and laborious process of tuning the organ. I think of the tremendous dedication of the choir members who volunteered this week to hold down one note at a time-displaying a degree of love, patience, (and wise use of earplugs) that left me dumbfounded! We all see the beautiful work of the musicians on Sunday morning from choir, bells, children and instrumental. They bring the best of their gifts and talents, and along with that a deep dedication that comes from practice, arriving early, and all the work of preparation. I often say to colleagues, I have never known a church with as deep of a musical bench as this church, and it is because of the dedication, humility and encouragement that the volunteers and staff give one another that we get to experience this beauty in worship.

This is a large enough community, that it can be when I read through the bulletin that I finally get a sense of how all the pieces are fitting together. I see the dedication of this community to learn, grow, and engage with the challenges of this world. I am so moved by the dedication of the social justice groups that have emerged and are working to learn together and to act to create a world of justice. A book study on poverty and incarceration, a trail clean up, a bible study using art history, a climate change action? I am so honored to be in a place where all of these efforts have a home and a passion, and thank you to leadership in Ron and Margaret Snell, Ron Hallman, Rayma Norton, Linda Schmidt and so many others.

In a community where the quiet dedication, heartfelt joy, faithful commitment, joy, wonder and justice meet, thank you for all the ways that you help us to bloom into the church that we will be.


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