Attention and Gratitude

Last Saturday evening, a few families arrived to prepare and serve dinner for our November guests through Congregations for the Homeless.  As the parents were busy chopping and sautéing things (sharp knives and young children aren’t really a good idea) the gaggle of children built creations with Legos or played “school” in the nursey.    In this school, they taught each other how to fold paper origami fans that they would hand out to the men.    I overheard the nine-year old teacher of this classroom instruct the younger children “to look the men in the eye when they offered them a fan.”  It made me think of the sentiment by French philosopher, mystic, and political activist Simone Weil:   “Attention is the rarest and purest form of generosity.”

We seem to have amongst us a budding group of socially-conscious entrepreneurs.  The folding continued to evolve into a paper-fan-folding-factory business as they assembled over 300 fans.  It was collectively decided by the fan-folders to sell the fans for $1 instead of 1 cent to raise money  “to buy healthy food for the homeless people.”   Thanks to your generosity in supporting their endeavors, they raised almost $40 during Fellowship Hour.

God of generosity and abundance, we are grateful for your love.  May we also spread Christ’s love in the world through our attention and eye-contact.

Pastor Cristina

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