A New Season

As we approach Labor Day, we will have the opportunity to “learn a new balance.”  Our children will return to school, darkness is already coming sooner in the evenings, temperatures will drop as Fall approaches and our church will begin a new season.  As we find our ways through each of these shifts in activities and seasons, we are faced with a change which invites us to let go of the familiar and embrace the unknown.

Our children will encounter new curriculums, meet new teachers and make new friends.  Some parents are likely counting the days until the beginning of school while others are dreading letting go of their children’s hands as they begin Kindergarten.  Even in spite of the smoky skies of late, we have had a beautiful summer.  As I have driven across the bridge into Seattle and taken walks at Juanita Beach in Kirkland, I have marveled at people swimming, canoeing, kayaking and boating across Lake Washington and the Sound.  At the same time, I find myself longing for cooler weather, earlier evenings, a little more rain, even a new wardrobe.

The Church Council gathered last Saturday for its Fall Retreat.  In our time together, we got to know each other a little better and set some intentions for the upcoming year.  We wondered aloud as to our connectedness, our desire to welcome the newcomer but not to overwhelm them.  We talked about unity within our commissions and the ideas that spring from them enabling us as a community of faith to be the good news that we are called to bring.

Ecclesiastes 3 reminds us that “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.”  My wish for you as individuals, as couples and families and indeed our faith community, is to discover and “learn a new balance” as you respond to opportunities for change and growth in this new season.

Prayerful Blessings,

Pastor Patty

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