A Journey: From Vision to Reality

As I read last week’s e-call reflection, “New Year, New Relationships, New Commitments,” it reminded me of the visioning board which hangs on the wall of my home office. The board, entitled “New Voices, New Stories, New Dreams” is the result of some spiritual work I did with friends and Spiritual Directors in Colombia after my graduation from Pacific School of Religion in May 2016.

My board includes pictures of two women-one is running with fierce determination, the other laughing out loud. Beneath the women is a picture of the Grand Canyon which serves to remind me of the vastness of this universe and how blessed I am to live in it. Next to the women is a labyrinth reminding me of life’s twists and turns and how much I enjoy walking the labyrinth as a spiritual practice. From June 2016 until now, the board helped me to stay focused as I sought my first call to ministry. It held promise and hope.

A vision then, a reality today. It would be easy for me to consider the journey from visioning to realization as a successful ending to the story, to place a check mark in the “seeking a call to ministry” box. And while that is true, and I am so very, very grateful to have been chosen as your Pastor for Congregational Care and Outreach, for us as a congregation I believe that there will always be new voices to be heard, new stories to be told and new dreams for us to envision and live out. It is my hope that the Peace, Grace and Love of God will be evident in our individual lives and the life of our faith community.

Thank you for your warm welcome into the faith community of Bellevue First Congregational Church. I look forward to spending time with each of you and will make myself available per your requests. I am happy to receive you here at the Church or to meet you at a location of your choice. I can be reached via email at patty@fccbellevue.org or by telephone at 425.454.5001 or on my mobile at 408.839.3129. If you don’t want to meet up but simply desire a conversation or have a prayer request for me, I am happy to respond to those requests as well.

May God bless each of you as we discover ministry together.


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